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Purchase DRM Server for CopySafe Video

The DRM server software for CopySafe Video provides a management portal for copy protected video and subscribers, providing the most secure video protection solution on the planet... safe from all copy and with DRM applied, also safe from sharing and unauthorized distribution. This solution provides the same service as is provided for free to all CopySafe Video licensees. It is available for purchase and install on your web server to provide the same service within intranets and corporate networks. The DRM portal is self-sufficient and does not require any other services.

Authors can upload video and have them copy protected for distribution by email, download and on disk, with total control over all aspects and immediate effect on videos still out in the wild or already saved to the user's computer.

This DRM portal can be managed from any computer or device including mobile phones.

Installation of the software and services in this package need to be installed by ArtistScope who can customize the portal to suit your design theme and security policy. A Windows server is required. If you do not own or have administrator rights to a Windows server you can rent one from $10/month.

ArtistScope will require a Desktop Connection or TeamViewer connection as administrator to install and configure this solution. If you are new to server administration ArtistScope can setup the server and web site for you.

[  DRM Management Portal     Portal web pages & scripts (ASP)   
[  Installation  Install by ArtistScope  
    Sub Total   $695
[ Server License  CopySafe Video Encoder*  $295

* If CopySafe Video Encoder has already been purchased this amount can be excluded.

CopySafe Video Encoder * 

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