ArtistScope Portable Media (APM)

ArtistScope Portable Media (APM)

Purchase Token Management Service for APM

The APM Token Management Service provides an online portal for APM authors to create, manage and distribute Access Tokens to enable DRM protection of APM media archives while being viewed offline.


The APM Packager (free software) is required to create media archives prior to upload and registration in the portal.

Hosting term

There is no contract to sign, just a one time account set up fee plus the monthly service fee to be paid in advance. APM Token Management can be used indefinitely or only for the life of your campaign for a month only. APM archives and tokens already distributed and downloaded by your subscribers will continue to function until your set expiration date (if set). All prices quoted are in US Dollars.

The form below will enable you to try different price options. New accounts are charged a one time setup fee of $45. First select the billing option and then click "Calculate":

 Setup fee:
 Create new account  $45 new account setup fee [
 Billing options:
A:  Periodic billing *
12 months
6 months
  3 months
  1 month 

* includes unlimited media archives and tokens that do not expire unless you want them to.

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