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Secure Image Pro The most portable image protection solution supported in all web browsers.

Copy Protect images on web pages

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Secure Image Pro is the recommended image protection for when you don't want to restrict your visitors to plugin downloads before being able to view. Browser and software support is available for all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Image watermarking option
  • Slideshow and swap image for image or text effects (print protection)
  • Configuration wizard for setting properties of individual images
  • Image encryption for JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF images
  • Domain locking of images to a designated web site
  • Batch processing for 1,000's of images at a time
  • Command line options for single file or batch conversions
  • File names optimized for automatic image sizing
  • Elevated runtime privileges for Java 1.6 and later
  • Image encryption software is supported across all platforms
  • Web page image viewer is supported across all web browsers
Grab and spider protection

Search engine spiders and web grab applications such Xenu, Teleport Pro and others can locate any file linked to your web pages. Some applications like Adobe Acrobat can download your entire web site and publish it as a book. However ArtistScope encrypted images while they may be downloadable, cannot be viewed unless displayed from your web site.

No right mouse click

Mouse clicking offers several options for saving or copying the page or image. Secure Image prevents right mouse click operations in several ways, depending on which applet style is used. If the standard display is used then visitor trying to right click on your image will be transported to the hyperlink that you nominate. If swap image or show text display options are used then all the visitor can do with their mouse is display the alternate message/image. They will not be able to mouse save any of the images. If no link is on the image they will find that a mouse cannot activate a menu from an ArtistScope security applet.

Domain Lock

Each registered site uses a unique key based on an algorithm of the domain name for the password to decrypt the image. The ArtistScope security applet checks the host that is displaying the web page to see if it matches your key before displaying the image. Domain Lock codes are not stored on the web site and therefore not retrievable by any process except by using an ArtistScope security applet.  Instead Domain Lock keys are embedded into the encrypted images.

Browser support

Secure Image supports all commonly used browsers on Windows, Linux and Mac computers. The software for encryption is also available for use on all platforms.

Encryption for web pages

The process of encryption scrambles data in such a way that the original information can only be recovered using a corresponding decryption process and the correct key. Encryption and decryption are common techniques in cryptography and the scientific discipline behind secure communications.

The most important reason for using encrypted images is because they are protected after download by being irretrievable from the web browser's cache. Secure Image Pro encrypted images are most secure on the server and protected from distribution by your employees, webmaster and staff employed by your web host.

Image Encryption

Image encryption is the most secure solution for storing images on a web server. Encrypted images cannot be displayed without first being decrypted otherwise they cannot be displayed, making any images stored on a server not only secure from unauthorized linking by the public, but they are also secure from web hosting staff and your web master.

First developed by ArtistScope in 1998, Secure Image is the only solution that is capable of displaying encrypted images on a web page.

Encrypted images created by ArtistScope copy protection solutions cannot be displayed in any image viewer except ArtistScope's security viewer and then only from the owner's web site. The keycode for decryption is embedded into the image and when loaded, the security applet checks the keycode against the url displaying the web site. If the encrypted image's keycode does not match the web site, the image is not displayed.

Encrypted images stored on your web site are safe from staff and your web host. They are also safe from retrieval from browser cache (temporary internet files) because the image in cache is the encrypted version and not one that has been decrypted. Only ArtistScope's security applet can decrypt the image and it does that only while displaying it on an authorized web site. The encrypted image is view only.

ArtistScope ensures that only licensed users can use the full version of their image encryption programs by custom compiling each program or order. License codes are not distributed. Instead the keycodes are embedded into the compiled software, ensuring that the technology is not distributed to hackers.

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  • Prevent image theft
  • Prevent bandwidth theft
  • Prevent direct links
  • Prevent drag and drop
  • Prevent image search
  • Prevent mouse saving
  • Prevent spider grab


None. Any type of web site on any type of web server can host your copy protected web pages.


A single license enables you to display encrypted images on one web site indefinitely. There is no limit on how long it can be used,  how many images are created or how many pages are delivered to the end user.

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