CopySafe PDF Protection

Rent DRM Service for CopySafe PDF

Document Rights Management for PDF - All inclusive (no software required)

Our DRM Service provides an online interface to convert and manage unlimited documents that can be freely distributed without royalty to ArtistScope. After logging into your control panel you can upload and convert almost any type of file to CopySafe PDF format and apply DRM privileges for selected users and groups.


None. No software is required and all you pay is the hosting fee. Your author account will use a server-side version of the CopySafe PDF Protector software to encrypt PDF as it is uploaded. 

Hosting term

There is no contract to sign, just a one time account set up fee plus the monthly hosting fee to be paid in advance. DRM Hosting can be used indefinitely or for a month only. All prices quoted are in US Dollars:

Option A: high volume, business use - Paying a fixed rental fee per month is ideal for high-volume situations, such as distributing an e-book and sending out company-wide memos. Keep your costs under control with the peace of mind of a fixed monthly fee and no extra costs, regardless of volume.

Option B: low volume, casual use - Paying per document validation is the perfect plan for those distributing documents to a small number of users. Only pay for what you use.

 Account types:
 Option A:   Periodic billing (unlimited use)  Starting from $32/month  
 Option B:   Per document validated (prepaid hits)   Starting from 8 cents/hit

Note: Over longer periods this hosted service can be more expensive than simply purchasing a license for the CopySafe PDF Protector software which includes this service for free.

The form below will enable you to try different price options for one that suits your distribution. New accounts are charged a one time setup fee of $45. First select the billing option and then click "Calculate":

 Setup fee:
 Shared database  $45 new account setup fee [
 Billing options:
A:  Periodic billing *
12 months
6 months
  3 months
  1 month 
B:  Prepaid validations 

* Paying by month provides unlimited documents/validations for the period.

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