Copy Protect PDF from Printscreen and Screen Capture

Copy Protect PDF from Printscreen and Screen Capture

Copy protection for authors and photographersCopySafe PDF is the most secure solution available for copy protecting documents and the only solution that can protect PDF files from all avenues of copy including PrintScreen and ALL screen capture software. By  converting to CopySafe PDF you can distribute sensitive documents and reports or provide a preview of your photo shoot or plan draughts without the client being able to copy in any away.

Distribute financial reports and other sensitive data within your organization with special access rights assigned to groups or individuals. CopySafe PDF converts existing PDF files to copy protected format with the option of delivering as a library file or with an embedded reader.

The embedded reader option is most useful when delivering one-off publications to your end users, while the library option creates much smaller files that can be viewed using the CopySafe PDF Reader. Import single files or batches by selecting the folder. Ideal for distribution by email, download or for eBook and CD. Further information can be found here.

  • Security options already installed by Adobe PDF are maintained
  • You can now distribute text documents that cannot be reproduced at all.
  • You can now send images and drawings to clients that cannot be copied.
  • You can also password protect or set expiration validated by time server.
  • Distribute secure PDF documents that cannot be copied
  • Prevent PrintScreen
  • Stop ALL screen capture software
  • Password protect PDF documents
  • Prevent printing of PDF documents
  • Set an expiry date  for PDF documents validated by time server
  • Allow/disallow viewing of the document via remote connections
  • Prevent extraction of original images and resources

CopySafe PDF Reader

The CopySafe PDF Reader is a free PDF reader available to the public for viewing copy protected PDF documents. The reader supports all the features commonly found in Adobe Acrobat including page resizing, image zoom, auto scrolling, bookmarks, hyperlinks and more.

CopySafe PDF Converter

The CopySafe PDF Converter will import and encrypt PDF documents to protect them from ALL methods of save and copy. CopySafe PDF Converter will convert PDF documents in batches by individual selection or by folder to produce the most secure PDF documents imaginable, safe from all methods of copy including screen capture software and PrintScreen.

CopySafe PDF Encryption

CopySafe PDF Converter uses the strongest encryption methods to convert PDF documents and protect from all saving and copy. CopySafe PDF cannot be opened by other the PDF readers which can be reversed engineered by using any one of a number of free PDF extractors.

CopySafe PDF Security

CopySafe PDF is the most secure PDF reader and conversion combo available. There is no other PDF reader/converter combination that can compare or even come close. All others only protect with password, expiration or print limitations, and even then you will find that their expiration is easily foiled.

CopySafe PDF Expiry

When a CopySafe PDF document has an expiry date set, before the reader opens the PDF it will verify the real time and date from independent time servers thus foiling any misadventure by turning back the computer clock.

Digital Rights Management

The CopySafe PDF Reader fully supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the total control of access rights and permissions to documents published via the ArtistScope Digital Rights Management solution.

- CopySafe PDF information in PDF format
- CopySafe PDF for DRM information in PDF format
- CopySafe PDF Converter user-guide in PDF format
- CopySafe PDF Reader user-guide in PDF format

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