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Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms below and then use this Registration Form.

Using the sign up form:
  1. Complete the form as accurately as possible, giving an email address and particulars for permanent contact records.
  2. All fields are to be completed.
  3. The only method that ArtistScope uses for making payments is by PayPal Transfer. To receive commission pay outs, you must nominate a PayPal account ID (or Paypal email) to transfer to. Checks or money orders will NOT be posted under any circumstances.
If you do not have a PayPal account yet do not panic. Your commission needs to accrue to the minimum before a payment is made. In the meantime you can leave the payment details till later and then use the "update account" function to add your PayPal account ID. The same form can be used at any time to update any contact details should they change.

Email confirmation:

After submitting the join form an email will be sent by our server for you to validate your email address. By clicking the link provided in that email you can confirm that you did receive the email and that your contact details are correct. ArtistScope does not spam, so please ensure that the email address that you nominate is correct and not affected by silly content rules.

Affiliate verification:

ArtistScope reserves the right to refuse membership to the affiliate program to any sites deemed unsuitable for association. After your application is submitted, ArtistScope will visit your web site, check the form details for completion and accuracy, and then notify you by email with your login details when approved.

Logging in for the first time:

When you receive your email of acceptance, you can then use your password to login to your account admin and select the products, banners or links that you want to display on your web site.

Placing the affiliate links:

When selecting the links or banners to use, be sure to use the coding exactly as prescribed. In the code is reference for your account number and the product type which is needed for tracking and association with any sales made.

Banners for products:

Our new policy enables affiliates to select from an existing banner or to create and use a banner that suits their web site. See the Banner Code page for how to create your affiliate links.

Checking your records:

Clicking the link for "Stats" will provide a list of click-throughs from your web site and which product was of interest. Clicking the link for "Sales" will list all sales, both provisional and approved, plus the date and method of payment.

Commission on software sales made by your visitors:

Commission is paid on approved products for sales made from 45 days from the client's first visit. How this works is when your visitor clicks the link to visit an order page for more information a cookie is added to their browser for tracking purposes. If that visitor goes to any one of our order pages and purchases an approved product your AffiliateID is recorded with sale.

Commission payments:

Commission is payable as a percentage of the gross sale price. Payments are made at the end of each month by Paypal transfer of unpaid commissions on qualified sales (see below). However no payments will be made for less than US$50 and any such amounts will be carried over to the next month or until the amount increases so as to qualify. Also, to prevent the affiliate system from being used solely to purchase product at discount, commissions paid to new affiliate accounts will be held until a second sale is made of the same value.

"New" affiliate criteria:

An affiliate will be considered as a "new" affiliate if they have been joined for less than one month and/or if a sale is recorded without having a significant number of click-throughs being recorded. ArtistScope reserves the right to analyze such records and their decision will be final.


You can terminate the arrangement at any time by email to ArtistScope. ArtistScope reserves the right to refuse any application, and to cancel any account without recourse if there is evidence of misadventure or abuse of any part of the system.

Qualified sales:

All orders logged by the system start as "provisional orders". All ArtistScope orders over $25 require confirmation from the purchaser before being delivered. Likewise, commission on an affiliate sale will not be payable until that order is conformed and finally approved by ArtistScope.

Cooling off period and chargebacks:

Because ArtistScope does require that all orders be confirmed by the purchaser, there is little chance that orders can be fraudulent. Also, because ArtistScope requires confirmation from the purchaser that they have indeed downloaded a demo or evaluated an online demo, that there can be no claims of false advertising, unsuitability or otherwise make a claim for a refund. So any commission pending on confirmed sales should be payable after 30 days from the sale without future problem in accordance with the terms above.

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Referral Sales

All online purchases can be tracked and logged to your account providing your link code is correct.

Banner & Link Code

Your banner and link code can used on any website. Please ensure that you use the correct link code including your Affiliate ID number so that referrals can be properly tracked. You can mix and match banners and even make your own providing the Product ID is a match for the required affiliate product.

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Other Payment Methods

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