Affiliates and Resellers

Affiliates and Resellers

Software resellers and site proprietors interested in promoting and/or reselling ArtistScope software have several options to choose from.

Affiliate Tracking

ArtistScope maintains an in-house affiliate sales tracking scheme that records sales from sites of registered affiliates through e-commerce. By displaying ArtistScope advertising banners and links that contain personalized tracking codes, visitors who click any of these banners will be directed to the ArtistScope web pages and any sales and commissions that arise from these will be tracked and recorded to the affiliate’s account.

  • Register online for an account on the ArtistScope site and search for the banners/code to use
  • Place those banners and links on your web pages
  • Receive 20% on software purchases made by your site visitors
  • Visitor's tracking cookie is valid for 45 days from their first visit
  • Each affiliate has a unique ID and reporting pages
  • Commissions are paid monthly
  • Sign up now!
  • Current affiliates can login here

After completing and submitting the online form, our server will send you an e-mail requesting that you confirm that you received our email and that your email address is correct. Our team will then check that there are no errors on your application and will verify that your site is suitable and legal. When approved you will be notified via e-mail.

Increasing commission rates and profits

The minimum commission payable on the schemes outlined above is 20%. However, you can also propose for an increase in commission by writing an offer via our contact form. Another way of increasing profit margins is by pre-purchasing a quantity of licenses to get huge discounts.

Advertising banners

There are a variety of advertising banners in all different shapes and sizes to suit various column widths. Please see our banner list for an overview. The personalized tracking code to use on the banner links can be retrieved from your affiliate system.

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