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SafeGuard WordPress: Copy Protect WordPress Pages

SafeGuard WordPress ProtectionThe SafeGuard Media plugin for WordPress provides the most copy protection on the planet. In fact there is nothing else like it. SafeGuard Media is safe from all copy including screen shots and video recording on all computers and devices.

The SafeGuard Media plugin can be used on any WordPress website to most securely copy protect any media displayed on a web page. Unlike other WordPress plugins claiming "copy protection", the SafeGuard Media plugin does not try to protect anything by using simple HTML and JavaScript, which is all a WordPress plugin can ever be. How the SafeGuard Media plugin differs is that it serves as a conduit for using bulletproof copy protection that actions at system level.

Copy Protection Features:

SafeGuard Media utilises the most secure copy protection for web media on the planet:

  • Web pages and media are most securely protected from all copy including PrintScreen and recording.
  • Only ArtisBrowser can decrypt and display the encrypted messages. Other browsers get nothing.
  • ArtisBrowser is available for all Windows versions, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad and Android devices (except Huawei).
  • Nothing can be gained by view-source and packet-sniffers get nothing.
  • No data can be retrieved by web scrapers or search engines.
  • Non-ArtisBrowser web browsers (all other browsers) are redirected for ArtisBrowser download.

How It Works

In a nutshell, your media gets displayed from a SafeGuard Media server that has the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) installed at system level to intercept page requests tagged for copy protection. Such pages are most securely encrypted so that only the ArtisBrowser can access them, decrypt their content, and display their content while ensuring that DRM and copy protection requirements are met.

Ordinarily ASPS requires a dedicated or virtual server for the permission to install ASPS at system level. But that can be way beyond the skills of most website owners today, and even beyond the skills of most web developers who have come to rely on Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress for their code and script requirements.

But the SafeGuard Media plugin can be installed by anyone, just like any other WordPress plugin and probably simpler than most if you do not take into account that one has to visit the SafeGuard Media web site to create an account for an API key.

Once the plugin is installed with an API key, one can then add images, PDF and video to their pages and posts which are displayed in an iFrame that serves the protected page from the SafeGuard Media server. If that sounds too technical, don't worry about how it works and simply accept the fact that by using this plugin, you get to use the most secure and most effective copy protection ever imagined for almost nothing and from any cheap shared hosting website.

Media Types

Allowed file types include:

  • All popular images types including .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
  • PDF documents (.pdf)
  • Video files as MP4 (.mp4)
  • Word files in .word and .docx format

All media except PDF can be hosted on your web site or a file sharing service. PDF must be hosted on the SafeGuard Media server to satisfy modern browser same-site security policies. Word files are converted to PDF on the server. But all other media can be hosted anywhere. However there are some limitations with file sharing services, in that only a few allow direct access to your file. DropBox is recommended as one example that does not enforce the use of a viewer from their pages just so that they can promote their service or display ads.

Regardless of where your media file is stored, your API key enables you to register your media with SafeGuard Media. Once media is registered it can be used on many pages within your website.

SafeGuard Media Control Panel

When your SafeGuard Media account is setup, you can log in to set preferences for Time Offset, Watermarks and which OS/devices to allow. After that everything can be performed from the WordPress page editor on your website.

SafeGuard WordPress Pricing

An initial setup fee of $25 applies to Prepaid Hits and Monthly accounts.

    Best Seller        


  • 100 Hits at $0.10 cents
  • 200 Hits at $0.08 cents
  • 500 Hits at $0.06 cents


Monthly Renewal
Economy plan allows for up to 1,000 views (hits) per month.


Monthly Renewal
Premium plan allows for unlimited views (hits) per month.


Outright Purchase
  • For Apache, Nginx and Windows servers
  • Includes FREE installation.
  • FREE multiple site licensing.

Free Trial for Evaluation

To evaluate the service prior to purchase, you can register a Demo account that will provide FREE use for 14-days.

Plugin Download

The download package is not the installer... unzip to retrieve the installer file and user-guide as PDF.

 WordPress Plugin   wp-safeguard-media 

Plugin Settings

WordPress plugin settings for SafeGuard Media

User Guide

Click to download the user-guide for SafeGuard Media for WordPress in PDF format.

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