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SafeGuard DRM: Access Rights Protection

SafeGuard DRM Protection for WordPressThe SafeGuard DRM plugin for WordPress adds access rights protection to WordPress web pages, to control who has permission to view and for how long. SafeGuard DRM pages cannot be shared without specific authorization.

Site owners can assign access rights by using a Token for each user's rights to view a web page or collection of pages (for online courses). SafeGuard DRM validates each user by identifying their unique computer signature, making it possible to lock access rights to their account only so that the sharing is impossible. Each token access can be limited to one or more comptures and device type can be also be limited( ie: disallow mobile phones, etc).

DRM Features:

SafeGuard DRM utilises the most secure access rights that cannot be exploited:

  • Users are identified by unique computer signature.
  • Access can be limited to one or any number of computers.
  • Access can be limited by device type, ie: Windows, Mac, iOS or Android phones..
  • Expiration can be set by calendar date.
  • Expiration can be set by number of days from first use.
  • Expiration can be set by number of views.

Typical Use Scenarios

SafeGuard DRM is most useful for managing access rights to paid subscriptions to watch tutorials online. It can also be used to restrict access to intellectual property such as corporate data, stocklists, formulas and recipes, making sure that only those who have been assigned access rights are the only ones that do.

How It Works

In a nutshell, SafeGuard DRM adds an iFrame into your page that displays a page on the SafeGuard media server that checks the user's computer ID and DRM privileges. If no token is forund for that user to access the web page in question, they are prompted to claim a token that was assigned to them by the site owner. When a token is found access is granted automatically unless their usage has expired. SafeGuard DRM pages are most secure because only the ArtisBrowser can access them, while ensuring that DRM protection requirements are met.

The SafeGuard DRM plugin can be installed by anyone, just like any other WordPress plugin. Once the plugin is installed with an API key, one can then create tokens for each user to view specific web pages.. If that sounds too technical, don't worry about how it works and simply accept the fact that by using this plugin, you get to use the most secure DRM ever imagined.

DRM Token Management

Tokens can be created and edited from the SafeGuard DRM plugin or from the SafeGuard DRM server. User records and usage statistics can only be seen from the control panel on the SafeGuard DRM server. There is no limit to how many tokens can be created or how many users are given tokens. Nor is there any limit on how many web pages that can be DRM protected.

SafeGuard DRM Pricing

An initial setup fee of $25 applies to all new accounts.

    Best Seller        


  • 100 Hits at $0.10 cents
  • 200 Hits at $0.07 cents
  • 500 Hits at $0.05 cents


Monthly Renewal
  • Up to 2,000 hits per month.


Monthly Renewal
  • Unlimited use per month.


Annual Renewal
  • Unlimited use per year.

Free Trial for Evaluation

To evaluate the service prior to purchase, you can register a Demo account that will provide FREE use for 14-days.

Plugin Download

The SafeGuard DRM plugin for WordPress is a free download. However it does require an account (or demo account) on the SafeGuard Media server to manage DRM. Click to download the plugin for SafeGuard DRM for WordPress.

User Guide

Click to download the user-guide for SafeGuard DRM for WordPress in PDF format.

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