CopySafe PDF Protection

CopySafe PDF Protection

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Includes command-line and DRM support

CopySafe PDF Protector software is licensed per computer used for the creation of the protected documents. This means that with one license you can publish/create millions of copy protected documents from one computer and distribute them to millions of end users. The CopySafe PDF Reader is provided to the public for free and can be distributed with your documents by download or on CD. License prices are discounted by quantity, and can be calculated by using the form below. All prices are in US Dollars:

CopySafe PDF Protector    For unlimited use on a single computer      $295

The CopySafe PDF solution provides the most secure copy protection for documents with the option of extending security to include password checking and expiration by date. To further protect documents from unauthorized forwarding and redistribution CopySafe PDF can be used with Document Rights Management (DRM). ArtistScope provides a free DRM validation service for all licensed users. Otherwise to run a DRM Portal of your own you can purchase the DRM Portal software for installation on your own server.

Note: Each license for CopySafe PDF now includes one free Domain Lock license to use CopySafe PDF on your website... simply email support to nominate the domain for your Domain Lock license after purchasing here. If you need additional Domain Lock licenses for more websites, you can use this link... order additional PDF Domain Locks.

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