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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for video and movies
Video Rights Management Video access rights management with total control over all aspects.
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Use this form to create a new account. As soon as you validate your identity from the link sent by email, your new account will be accessible. New accounts start with DEMO status and are not moderated, however any account suspected as being false or misleading will be removed without further notice.

Demo accounts

All new accounts start as DEMO accounts with access to the  DRM Portal for 14 days to evaluate the options available for the copy protection of eBooks. After 14 days DRM access will cease but the account can still be used in conjunction with the Book Cover Designer.

Author accounts

Full AUTHOR status can be achieved by either paying for the Hosted DRM Service, paying for the DRM Validation Service or by being a licensed user of CopySafe PDF in which case you should notify support to upgrade your account status.

Access permissions

All account types have access to the documents that have been assigned to their group. As a demo account you will also be able create and encrypt new documents and assign both copy protection and DRM levels for evaluation. Your email/username must be kept current to access your account and to receive system notices and publications distributed by the authors of your subscription. Here your email address is private. Other users cannot see any of your details or documents unless you are an author, in which case the titles may be seen but only by those you have been assigned access rights to those specific documents.
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